We have tamed our lives to such an extent that it is easy to turn a blind eye to the horrors of nature, sure, we as a species are far more damaging to our planet than all others put together, but let's not pretend that it's all sweetness and light out there!

This list is a reminder that we live in a scary world. Some of these things are simply wonders of nature that we may not like the look of, like spiders and centipedes. Some show the raw power of the elements, while others illustrate the horrific things that other creatures to do each other in order to survive.

#1 Wrap Around Spider, Named For Its Ability To Flatten And Wrap Its Body Around Tree Limbs

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#2 Seaweed In The Waves

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#3 Xylaria Polymorpha, Commonly Known As Dead Man's Fingers, Is A Saprobic Fungus

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#4 Spiderbro Guarding Me From Malaria Outside My Window

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#5 A Firefly Kept Right On Flashing After Being Eaten By A Frog

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#6 The Skeleton Of A Puffer Fish Is Pretty Metal

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#7 This Frog Was Found All Dried Up And Withered Outside The Store In The Morning... The Store Manager Said, "Let's Try Splashing Some Water On It," And Holy Sh*t It Came Back To Life

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#8 Rome Yesterday

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#9 Damn Nature, You Scary...

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#10 My Mum's Toilet After A Recent Flood

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#11 Snapdragon Seed Pods Look Like Skulls

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#12 Those Fishes Are Literally Lit

#13 The Eyes And Teeth Of A Scallop

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#14 My Gecko Ate His Tail

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#15 This Is A Hammerhead Bat And Is By Far The Creepiest Animal I've Seen

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#16 This Is Why You Always Have To Check The Toilet In Australia

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#17 The Clathrus Archeri Fungus Resembles Some Pretty Metal Tentacles Sprouting From An Alien Egg When It Blooms

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