People's last words stick with us for a long time, but memory fades and stone doesn't.

We compiled a list of some of the funniest epitaphs on tombstones, proving that a sense of humor can live forever. From a delicious fudge recipe to an unapologetic joke about religion, these people are the non-living examples of the right attitude. Scroll down to check out the deadly funny gravestones and vote for your favorite ones!

#1 Gay Vietnam Veteran

via: Ryanhgwu

#2 If You Can Read This

via: eldare

#3 Walking Through A Cemetery When All Of A Sudden...

via: yolo-swag4jesus

#4 I Was Hoping For A Pyramid

via: Gerri Gray

#5 Still There Was Love

#6 Visiting My Grandma's Grave And Found This On A Tombstone Nearby

via: FilthyMrClean

#7 All Dressed Up An No Place To Go

#8 Kay's Fudge

via: trooper843

#9 That's An Unusually Fun Tomb Stone

via: GallowBoob

#10 Finally

(source boredpanda)

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