1. In Zootopia, while Officer Judy Hopps is ticketing cars around the city, she never crosses the street illegally. She always uses a crosswalk and looks both ways before crossing.

2. In Wall-E, Alaska and Cuba are missing, and the Great Lakes are larger than they should be, presumably due to rising sea levels.

3. Also in Wall-E, AUTO appears closer in each of the captain's portraits, representing his gradual takeover of the Axiom.

4. In The Incredibles, the numbers on Mirage's business card (787-7467) spell out “SUPRHRO” on a keypad.

5. In Tangled, when Mother Gothel says, "I love you most," she kisses Rapunzel's hair, not Rapunzel.

6. In The Lion King, Scar is the only lion whose claws are always extended.

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