5. Dwight is writing a warning for Rick's group.

He sketches out a map with the locations of Negan's men so the Hilltop isn't caught off guard. It's not clear how he's going to get away from the Sanctuary undetected to deliver this message.

4. There's just one problem with Dwight's map: It's missing one of the locations.

When you compare the maps in two different frames of the preview, Negan's has one more circle than Dwight's.

Did Dwight do that on purpose or could he not remember all of the locations? If he doesn't draw that 11th circle than he could be putting Rick's group at risk.

3. If you do the math, that's a lot of people Negan still has at his disposal.

Dwight says there will be 11 people at each location on the map. Negan's map shows 11 locations. You're telling me Negan still has at least 121 Saviors at his disposal to go to war?

How many men did he start with and how many were lost when they were overrun with zombies? Does it even matter at this point?

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