1. In Monsters, Inc., when the Abominable Snowman made yellow snow cones:

2. In Toy Story, when Mr. Potato Head was unimpressed with one of Andy's birthday presents:

3. In Mulan, when Grandmother Fa was thirsty as hell:

4. In Beauty and the Beast, when Cogsworth had this brilliant play on words:

5. In The Emperor's New Groove, when this guy was turned into a cow:

6. In Brother Bear, when Edgar was very much alive:

7. In Lilo & Stitch, when Yuki was the baddest bitch in Hawaii:

8. In Sleeping Beauty, when Merryweather got absolutely demolished by Flora:

9. In Hercules, when two kids were stuck under a rock and needed help:

10. In The Incredibles, when Syndrome talked about his super villain outfit:

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