1. Maybe the biggest one of all — we know that Ariel can read and write, since she signs Ursula's contract. Why doesn't she search for a quill and parchment, or even WRITE IN THE SAND, when she meets Prince Eric?

— tammyakeliat, Buzzfeed

2. Despite being told NUMEROUS times not to go to the West Wing in the castle, WHY does Belle go anyway — and then acts surprised when the Beast is mad at her for doing so?!?

— cmc1114, Buzzfeed

3. The Genie's magic doesn't *QUITE* hold up. When Aladdin wishes to be a prince, Genie just gives him the clothing and a parade. But when Jafar wishes to be Sultan, Genie upends the monarchy. HUH?

— Mary Beth Kepshire, Facebook

4. A smaller one, but troubling nonetheless — how was Mulan able to wipe her makeup off with her sleeve in one smooth motion?

— jelly_mints, Buzzfeed

5. The timeline in Beauty and the Beast seems to be totally messed up. For starters, the Beast is cursed when he is a young boy (probably about 11 years old) — yet there's a human portrait of him in the castle as a young man! We need answers.

— Dani Dymond, Facebook

6. Despite the fact they're both dogs, Goofy wears clothes and walks/talks, while Pluto walks on all fours and barks. What?!

— laurencrabtre, Buzzfeed

7. Everything that the Fairy Godmother transformed reverted back to its original state at the stroke of midnight — except Cinderella's glass slippers. Why didn't they turn back?

— 1999, Buzzfeed

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